Franchise & Retail chains

For retail chains & franchise prices are from € 3.40 per month per location. For that you get 24/7, at least 5 stations, background music. We have 15+ music channels with different genres, all of which can be used, but from experience we know that channels that are suitable for a hotel or spa restaurant for your organization will not be necessary. We will consult with you on the number of channels that we will use for your organization.

For franchise organizations, this is a very attractive option to expand their total package with a regular music supplier. You have a more extensive and even more complete service for your franchisees. And a big advantage for yourself could be that the same `recognizable ‘and specially selected music will be heard in every location.

An example, Your chain or franchise organization has 620 stores with an average floor area of ​​75m2. Your price will then be 620 x 3.40 = 2108 € / month. excl. VAT.

Monthly Prices per branch :

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FASHIONSTOREMUSIC is part of SoultyMedia, and is an independent music organization. Since 2016 we have decided to withdraw all our music from the Performance Rights Organizations (in our case Buma / Stemra). By doing this, it allows us to offer you music at a very affordable price. You only pay for the music where it is produced. Furthermore, no fixed charges need to be paid to a Buma / Stemra, for example.

We work without intermediaries: we produce music and deliver it directly to you !


Retail Chains and Franchise organisations now special discounts ! Sluiten