Here at FASHIONSTOREMUSIC we specialize in Royalty-Free high quality background music for fashion shops in particular. All InStore music in our system is produced by us and therefore also checked for quality by us. We use the best music from the music labels MF-Records, Soulful-Café, Piña-Records, Soultymedia, Deephouse Amsterdam.

Nowadays, the InStore music of these labels plays more than 10 million monthly in different stores, shops and chains. Studies for fashion stores have shown that this type of music is very suitable for this specific merchandise sector, and that it promotes sales and thereby increases profits.

Are you using us as the supplier of music for your fashion store? Then you have an extensive amount of music that fits your company exactly. With multiple music stations that are specifically tuned to this.

More sales in your store: it is possible with lesser-known music, read the search that has been done.

And you also save immediately on your monthly costs because you are not attached to the costs for Royalty fees of your country. Normally you do not find this type of music Royalty Free, but we have decided not to have BUMA collect our royalties.


Below are some videos from one of our artists. And at the bottom you can listen to music examples.

InStore Music van FashionStoreMusic

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