The different choices

Having choices is fun but sometimes difficult. That is why we have already determined your choice for you. We have 5+ music channels with music for fashion and clothing stores. The various options we offer are subdivided into the number of square meters of floor space in your facility and there is a possibility of a monthly or annual subscription. We specialize in franchise and retail chains, visit this page for very low multi-store prices  

Then you would say that there is quite something to choose.

The choice of floor space is not really a free choice. This must correspond to the number of square meters that are described at the Land Registry. Our licenses are provided in the different surface categories.

The next choice is whether you take a monthly or annual subscription.

When registering for an annual subscription you receive a discount of 1 month, so you only pay 11 months! We also provide a certificate with an annual subscription with which you can prove that you have the right to use our music and that it is Royalty Free. This can come in handy when inquiring from f.e. Royalty fees organisation. (.. is not really a choice ..)

Then there remains one choice you would say .. and that is whether you join us or not.

So this is actually a choice whether you want to save money for your company or not. As any entrepreneur will think, Lower monthly payments are my first profit !! This is therefore already established for you as an entrepreneur ..
Finally, we would like to state: The choice is yours!

Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find some of the frequently asked questions about our background music service. Before sending an email with your question, first read the questions below to see if the answer to your question is not listed. If after reading these questions something is still not entirely clear, do not hesitate to contact us.
Are the music stations advertising free?
Hell yes. All music stations that we offer are 100% advertising free and that will always remain so. Any exceptions or request if you have a retail chain or franchise.
How long does it take before I am connected ?
After completing your order, which is immediately your registration, you can immediately use all the different background music stations. You will find the different stations in your account.
Can I use a tablet or a cellphone?
Yes. Any device with an internet connection and an internet browser can be used. If you use a tablet or phone, we recommend that you connect via a WiFi connection to avoid unexpectedly high data usage.
Can I try it for free for a month ?
No, completely free trial can not. We believe that our prices are so advantageous that it is not necessary. However, there are several music examples on the site that correspond to the different stations that we offer. And with such low costs: sign up and try it for a month, and you know how simple the system workst.
How long are the subscriptions valid ?
We offer subscriptions in two different time periods. You can have a connection for a month or a year. We advise you to take an annual subscription, because then you will receive the rights-free certificate for the use of our music.
What payment options are there ?
We offer all common payment options. Including IDeal and Paypal, these payments are processed quickly and safely by For Shop chains and Franchise please contact us.
Do I get a certificate if I pay per month ?
NO, as an entrepreneur you will understand that for such low costs we can not perform these actions. The certificates we issue are personal for your location and are always on an annual basis. This certificate is for the use of our royalty free music for your company.

For Franchise and Retail chains

For franchise and retail chains we have group prices with extra discounts. You are already eligible for these extra discounts at a number of 5 locations.

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